Newsletter: Why I created my own line

  • 2 min read

A company like (insert a huge, well-known brand here) will literally go to a formulator and say -

"Take the new, hot ingredients everyone is talking about right now - and create a product with the bare minimum."

They do this so they can legally market the product saying it includes those ingredients.

This happens all the time.

(It even has a name: “window dressing”)


Most big skincare and cosmetic companies don’t want you to make an informed decision.

They want you to make an emotional decision and buy their product.

You have to be your own label sleuth.

And that’s really what led me to create my own line of products.

I was SO tired of my clients (and historically, myself) being taken advantage of by the beauty industry and buying products that promised one thing and delivered another.

So I started digging into journals and data sheets to tease apart what actually works from the marketing buzz.

And together with a professional, highly respected, and deeply ethical product formulator, we developed a one-of-a-kind product line that gives the skin everything it needs to create visible change.


When you have the right ingredients in the bottle, you don’t need a cabinet full of products.

When you have the right ingredients in the bottle, you start seeing real change - and faster.

When you have the right ingredients in the bottle, you use less product.

But I’ll let my products speak for themselves. 😉

I invite you to swing by the Studio and pick up samples of my balm,and mist - and brand new cleanser and eye cream.

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With SO much love 💛and appreciation,