Newsletter: Do this ---> one thing for a holiday glow!

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Skin feeling a little dull and lackluster? 

T'is the season when skin tends to look less than merry & bright 😟 

Your commitment to all-things-good-for-skin may de down there on the priority list (ahem, refilling that wine glass once, twice, thrice...)😳

Here's a great little trick to get a glow on FAST and buy yourself some time to get serious about your skin in the new year

One hour before your big shindig, gather these items and head into the shower:

 - clean washcloth

- facial cleanser

- tablespoon of honey

- SUPER rich facial moisturizer or balm


Timing is everything

1. Step into the shower, wash with your facial cleanser and rinse

2. Massage honey all over your face, neck, and chest, leaving on for 3-5 minutes

3. Rinse off the honey, wring out the washcloth and use small circular motions all over your face to exfoliate dead skin, then rinse again

4. Before stepping out of shower, add an extra-generous amount of your rich facial moisturizer or balm to face, neck, and chest

5. Just before applying your makeup, mist your face and apply another small application of your facial moisturizer or balm

PRO TIP: use a peel pad 2-3 days before your event to bump it up a notch 🤩


Missing something above? Shoot me a text and swing by for a sample of our cleanser, balm or mist

Happy Holidays!

Cynthia xx