The Keeping Face Program

Keeping Face is dedicated to working with cancer care providers to offer the best in wellness and support. By bringing our programs to patients, they will have access to a full range of resources including local and online classes, digital community support, etc.
If you're a patient interested in taking part in the program, contact us and we'll reach out to your local treatment center, hospital or oncologist!
Our mission is to support you through the physical changes you may experience during your treatment. We’ll help you harness your radiance through this challenging time, so you can get back to feeling like the beautiful human you are.

Our Beliefs

Learning to confidently navigate your appearance during cancer treatment gives you a sense of well being – and it’s a great way regain a bit of the autonomy you may be missing. This confidence also impacts how you feel out in your world, whether that means embracing loved ones without worrying whether you look unfamiliar or ill, or being able to walk into the boardroom feeling relaxed, self-assured and totally yourself.

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