Newsletter: Confessions from a recovering beauty-product addict

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Hello Friend!

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with my former life...

I spent over 30 years as a freelance makeup artist for commercial, print, and film, and also as “a brush for hire” with major beauty brands including Lancome, Chanel, Dior, YSL, Bobbi Brown, (... fill in the blank with a luxe brand, and I probably wielded a brush for them at some point too).

They gifted meendless amounts of product, so much so that I had to find ways to create more storage space to house it all.🥴

I had no less than two hundred eyeshadows, blushes, liners, lip colors, and glosses - and that didn’t include the skincare products. I had enough cleansers, toners, scrubs, serums, masks, and eye creams to open a store.🤯

It wasshameless, and I havezero regrets! But boy, did I learna lot through that experience…


So, if you have a bunch of products that are shoved in a drawer, cabinet, travel bag (or a place in your bathroom you’ve forgotten even exists😉), how much ‘joy’ is it bringing you?


Here are four quick questions I ask to determine what products to keep and what to let go of.

  1. Have I used this in the past six months?
  2. Does my skin look/feel better when I’m using this?
  3. Do I feel good about having bought this?
  4. Would I buy this again?

Any “no” means that the product is voted off the island.👋


Hope this helps.🥰


As always, I'm here for your questions!

With love,

Cynthia xx



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