Newsletter: PLEASE read this before saying ‘yes’ to your dermatologist

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Hello friend!

As we embark on your initial treatment journey together at Tru, I pose the question; “do you go in for your yearly skin checks?”.😳


Those routine visits to the dermatologist (or qualified doctor) are an essential part of your health screenings, as well as your skincare.🥰


Let's give a big shout-out to dermatologists for their amazing skills in diagnosing and solving a variety of skin issues - they're pros at navigating the complex landscape of diagnoses and non-invasive treatments. However, if they suggest performing a biopsy during your visit or removing something suspicious (using any methodother than freezing), it's important to pause and think before giving the green light.


So, here's my golden rule: when a procedure involves an incision on your face, it's time to think about who's holding the scalpel. I strongly advise seeking out a board-certified plastic surgeon. Why? Because they bring a unique skill set and specialized training to the table that goes beyond skin-deep. One exception to this is if your dermatologist happens toalso be a board-certified plastic surgeon, then you’re good to go!



If you're unsure about your insurance covering a dermatologist's referral to a plastic surgeon for facial lesion removal or biopsy, contact your insurance providerbefore heading to your appointment.


The bottom line? Your yearly skin checks are non-negotiable for your healthand your skin’s health. Make sure you understand your insurance coverage and don’t do anything on the spot that you might feel pressured into. 


As always, I’m here for your questions!

Cynthia xo


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