Hydra Mist Calm
Hydra Mist Calm

Hydra Mist Calm

$ 34.00

This nourishing, hydrating, aromatherapeutic Skin by Tru Hydra Mist Calm is much more than a moisture spray. With encapsulated B3 precursors from pumpkin seeds, squash seeds and bacillus ferment, time released moisturization and smoothing properties are activated in the skin. A combination of 4 actives obtained from Red maple, Black spruce, Yellow birch and Jack pine bark, uniquely protect against harsh climates. This sustainably sourced and precious blend stimulates Aquaporine-3, resulting in increased moisturization. Additionally Ergothioneine is the natural companion of Vitamin C - the best organically derived solution to boost and protect against the oxidation and breakdown of Vitamin C.

To maintain the soothing and moisturizing functions of this mist, especially when combined with Skin by Tru balms, we’ve added certified organic Neroli hydrosol created from steam distillation of from neroli flowers - not only antimicrobial by nature, but also aromatically calming to the mind.



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