Newsletter: Wrinkles AND Pimples??

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This one's focused on the ladies...

As women, we go through puberty–two times.

Many of my clients who come to me for anti-premature aging treatments are simultaneously experiencing breakouts. It can feel overwhelming to deal with wrinkles and pimples at the same time.

But you’re not alone in your frustration.

In our 30s and 40s (and 50s in some cases) as our hormones are shifting into their next phase of life, we often experience another bout of breakouts. Ahhh, the joys of being a woman. 😉


When you’re dealing with wrinkles and pimples, remember that premature aging prevention takes the front seat.

Breakouts will come and go, but we need to address the overall health of your skin first. That’s why you should prioritize your anti-aging treatments.

(For those of you who love at-home treatments...peel pads can help with both of these concerns!)

But here’s the thing to watch out for -

Most acne products aren't formulated for aging, more sensitive, acne-prone skin. And many anti-aging products aren't formulated for skin prone to breakouts.

It's possible that your products are actually exacerbating your breakouts.

Why? Simply because so many of the anti-aging products out there are designed for just that. They're formulated without any thought to someone who could be going through this hormonal change later in life and the unique skin challenges that come with it.


That's one of the biggest reasons women over 30 come and see me.

That's also why I've invested so much time and energy into creating my own line of products that...well, actually work.

So if you're combatting wrinkles and pimples and the products you're using don't seem to be working, I invite you to give my Perfection Balm and Green Tea Moisturizer a try.

These are both pro-aging treatments that won't exacerbate your breakouts. They're packed with natural active ingredients that also help correct uneven skin tone and support healthy, clear, glowing skin.

See it for yourself. I have samples available in the studio. Reply to this email and let's find a time for you to swing by.


Ready for a post-summer reset and repair facial? I'd love to see you and support your endless summer glow.🥰


As always, I'm here for your questions!


And without further ado, a few other tidbits I hope you'll like!



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