IN THE PRESS: Tru Skincare featured in Downtown Boulder | Dec 2022

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Skin by Tru recently featured story with Downtown Boulder December 2022. 

By Emi Smith

Cynthia Sass is a strong believer that the key to healthier skin is a healthier mind. Her skincare journey first began when her daughter was born with autoimmune issues, resulting in intense eczema and skin infections. Cynthia began a quest to get to the root causes of what her daughter was experiencing on the surface. 

“Skin issues are a signal that something is going on inside. My entire focus shifted to more holistic methods for helping reduce my daughter’s symptoms, to the point that I was experimenting with things like brewing kombucha in 1992 before anyone knew what it was. I quickly realized that this was my passion. Once my daughter’s skin started improving, I enrolled in a specialty skincare school in Boulder and made the move west from Wisconsin.”

Cynthia’s class was only five students. “The philosophy I learned combined Eastern & Western schools of thought when it came to healthy skin, and it completely changed my perspective. I decided to permanently move to Boulder and start my life over. I opened my own skincare practice downtown - Tru Skincare - in 2011 to help clients get to the root causes of their skin issues. When people come in, I don’t just do a facial and have them leave. I begin every session with a deep dive into each client’s unique relationship with their skin. We tie everything from early aging to adult acne into what is first going on under the surface.”

In 2017, Cynthia expanded her practice into a skincare product line. “I couldn’t find an existing product line that was simple, clean and effective. I wanted to simplify the process with an amazing line of clean, highly effective products that were easy to use. My background as an esthetician has heavily informed how I approach skincare, and I have brought all this knowledge together to create a brand that aims to make healthy skin achievable.”

The choice to establish her practice in Boulder was an easy one. “Downtown Boulder offers everything from a tight-knit community to a beautiful food scene and amazing outdoor activities. This town really supports health, wellness, beauty and nature, and I feel like it is one of those very unique places that has it all. Being in this community for so long has allowed my reputation to align with my longevity. A local dermatologist in North Boulder and I work closely together to develop the best skincare solutions for our clients.”

If you are interested in meeting with Cynthia, schedule an appointment to connect with her and understand her philosophy. “My website provides a solid offering of incredibly valuable information about skin health and products. Everyone is encouraged to learn more about their own skin and see if any of our products are a good fit. Connect with me and follow us on social media @skinbytru!”

When traditional skincare methods were not working for Cynthia’s daughter, she took matters into her own hands to discover simple and effective solutions. The result has been a life-changing journey that led her to Boulder and pushed her to open her own skincare practice. If you are curious about how to improve your skin health, or simply want to learn more about alternatives to a traditional approach, take the time to meet with Cynthia!