IN THE PRESS: Skin by Tru featured in Denver Life Magazine | April 2022

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Skin by Tru recently featured in Denver Life Magazine April 2022 issue. 


Tru Skincare takes its beauty products to the next level with locally made honey. By Sahale Greenwood

Cynthia Sass, founder of Tru Skincare has been an aesthetician for over a decade working with every skin type, giving her the expertise in her field that she needed to produce her new line. “The intention for these products was never to be mass-marketed,” she says, “but an exclusive and unique offering for my clients. The product line offers a truly unique solution for at-home skincare.”


Her products are simple but constitute a complete beau- ty routine. “I’m a firm believer in cleansing at night only and just rinsing with water in the morning,” Sass says. Her beauty routine goes as follows: “At night, I massage Hydra Renew Cleanser on my face for 30 to 45 seconds before rinsing, patting dry and following with the Hydra Mist.

Then, I immediately apply a pea-sized amount of the Perfection Balm by warming between my fingertips and smoothing over my face, neck and chest. In the morning I just rinse with water and repeat the steps above with the Hydra Mist and Perfection Balm.”


The Hyrda Renew Cleanser contains 10% local raw hon- ey from an award-winning female backyard beekeeper, Deborah Foy of the Bee Chicas. “The benefits of honey in skincare have been proven time and time again for

its hydration, soothing and anti-aging benefits for skin due to its amino acid, peptide, antioxidants and natural antibacterial composition.” Along with antioxidant and soothing properties, honey also helps build a protective layer over your skin to prevent the buildup of harmful substances.