New to Tru Consultation

This is our time to meet face to face - a deep dive into everything relating to your highly unique skin. During our time together we’ll explore all facets of your skin’s health including diet, lifestyle, hormones, gut health, your current product routine, and your skin concerns and goals. We’ll then craft a personalized, detailed plan to get your skin to its absolute healthiest, glowing best.

Pro-Peel At Home

What are your desired results? Cynthia will design a custom peel (and recommended series) for your specific needs. Pro-Peels reveal vibrant, smoother, firmer skin with all-natural ingredients (not harsh cosmeceuticals). Through your online skin evaluation, Cynthia custom tailors & ships your peel kit for use during your live, virtual session, and on-screen, walks you through every step of your treatment. Suitable for “lunchtime."
"ProPeel Anti-Age"--- Rejuvenates skin and improves texture and firmness while promoting collagen growth. Radiance is restored without traditional peel downtime.
Series of 4: $388 ($97 per peel)
Series of 6: $534 ($89 per peel)
"ProPeel Anti-Acne"--- Exfoliates and reduces inflammation. Breakouts are subsided while skin heals remarkably without traditional peel downtime.
Series of 4: $388 ($97 per peel)
Series of 6: $534 ($89 per peel)

Tru 30 Session

This 30 minute video or phone call is designed for us to visit live, taking an up close and personal look at your skin’s current state. During our visit, we’ll cover key items including:
Review and discuss the photos you send over before our session..
Discuss all issues or concerns for your skin at this moment..
Explore any lifestyle, health, diet, physical or emotional changes since our last visit that could be impacting your skin, and review recommendations to support, improve and guide you through these issues..
Make any appropriate recommendations to improve upon your current at-home skincare routine..
Six SOS texts or emails throughout the month.

Current Product Review

Strategy & Edit Session. This invaluable service is dedicated to streamlining your home skincare routine. Through video, we will:
Evaluate and discuss each product currently in you product lineup (what products you’re currently using).
Explore each product, their ingredients, and how/if they’re serving you.
Discuss what might be missing or needing replacement, and how we can begin to curate and tailor your products to streamline, simplify and truly serve and address your personal skincare needs..

Tru Annual Package

This fully inclusive offering consists of our very best offerings, including:
Twelve, “Tru 30” monthly sessions
Two (bi-annual) In Studio facial sessions
Current Product Review; Strategy & Edit Session
Ten SOS texts or emails per month
A 15% discount on all Skin by Tru products purchased throughout your membership year

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